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Graduate Fellows Program 2019

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Woo-hoo! Over 21K for the Graduate Fellows Program

May 02, 2019

Dear Supporters,


Our campaign has now concluded and was wildly successful, raising over $21,000. That's about $2,000/student, enough to make a real difference for every student in the program. For each of them, it means something different: rent, childcare, medical expenses, transportation, and transcription expenses are some of the highest priorities.


Coincidentally, April 30, the last day of the campaign, was also the day that two of our Fellows shared their work publicly, and we took the opportunity for a round of applause for all our donors. Here is a photo of Joseph Griffin and CNE Corbin with our acknowledgement slide!


For those of you who requested other perks, they will be coming soon! (And, we know that is not why you gave, but we welcome the opportunity to show our appreciation, and the Fellows are looking forward to expressing their gratitude directly as well.)


Thank you again,

Deborah, David, Christine

GFP Coordinators

One day left + our soon-to-be-graduates fly the nest

April 29, 2019

Dear Supporters,


With one day left in our campaign, we are blown away by the response and so appreciative. We've raised almost $19,000 from 67 donors. We're dreaming of getting to $20K by midnight on Tuesday, April 30.


Please help us by sharing the campaign with a note about why you gave!


One distinguishing characteristic of the Graduate Fellows Program is that we provide extensive group and individualized coaching to our Fellows as they look for jobs. This was a very successful year for our Fellows, and we are proud to announce their next destinations:

  • Caitlin "Katie" Keliiaa will be a UC President's Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Santa Cruz in the History Department.

  • Dinorah Sánchez-Loza has accepted a Dean's Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Ohio State University College of Education & Human Ecology. 

  • Michael V. Singh is joining the Department of Chicana and Chicano studies at UC Davis in the Fall of 2020, following a year at UC Santa Barbara in the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies as a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow. 

  • Jen Smith is joining the American Indian Studies Program and Geography Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Fall of 2020, following a year at UC Davis in the Native American Studies Department as a UC President’s Postdoc.

  • Anthony Wright is joining the Department of Childhood Studies at Rutgers University, Camden.

It's an exciting time around here as the year wraps up. We're looking forward to our end of the year potluck when we gather with the Fellows and their loved ones to celebrate the work we have all done and the bonds formed. Below is a pic from our gathering in 2017.


Thank you again,

Deborah, David, and Christine

GFP Coordinators

On our way to $20K + See what our alumni have been up to!

April 22, 2019

Dear Supporters,


We are touched and thrilled by the outpouring of support. We have now raised over $16,000 from 52 donors! Graduate Fellows Program now holds the UCB crowdfunding record for the highest percentage over goal of any project ever! But we're not done. With one week left in our campaign, we want to get to $20,000. That will be $2,000 for each of our Fellows next year. 


You can help by sharing our campaign via email, text, and/or social media.


Check out our Alumni News page to see incredible public scholarship on the pressing topics of today. From award-winning books to documentaries to policy briefs, we've got it all ... or more accurately, we've got just a little bit of it! We have over 200 alums, and we don't have a good way to keeping up with all of you, so if you have news to share, please get in touch!


Our current First Year Fellows (pictured with David and Deborah) are so appreciative of your donations which will help them complete their doctorates and join the ranks of our illustrious alums!


Thank you again,

Deborah, David, and Christine

GFP Coordinators


More than halfway there! + Catch our current Fellows in action

April 09, 2019

Dear Supporters,


We're thrilled to be past the halfway point! We have raised $2,725 from 22 donors. Thank you to every one of you! We have three weeks left, so please help us spread the word. You can share on social media directly from the campaign page :)


Our campaign video didn't have room for our current Fellows to talk about their work, so we created another short one where they introduce themselves and their work (except a couple who were away!).


For those of you in the Bay Area, this month you have a chance to see our current Fellows in action.


Renee Mack, second year Fellow and PhD Candidate in Social Welfare, will be the respondent at an event on Thursday, April 11, at 11am: "Medicalization and Demedicalization of the Homeless Mentally Ill."


And some of our first year Fellows are presenting their work at various events this month:


Friday, April 12: Center for Research on Race and Gender Student Research Symposium

9:15 -10:45 -- Gabby Falzone, Education, “Trauma Informed Care as an Extension of the Carceral Continuum”

1:00 - 2:45 -- Louise Ly, Sociology, “Gendered Racial Attraction Among Intermarried Asian and White Americans”


Wednesday, April 24, 12-1:30 at ISSI, 2420 Bowditch Street, Berkeley

Angela Aguilar, Ethnic Studies, "'Loving Care' in Impermanent Healing Spaces: Sacred and Political Organizing Towards Decolonial Health/Care in Oakland, California"


Saturday, April 27, 9-10:45 at ISSI, 2538 Channing Way, Inaugural Conference on Right-Wing Studies

Dinorah Sánchez Loza, Education, “Political Neutrality as Pedagogical Ideal, Right-Wing (Re)Production in Practice: An analysis of US Government classrooms in Central Ohio” 


Tuesday, April 30, 3:30-5 at ISSI, 2420 Bowditch Street, Berkeley

CNE Corbin, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, "Enclosure-Occupations: Contested Productions of Green Space and the Paradoxes within Oakland, California's Green City"

Joseph Griffin, Public Health, "For Us, By Us: The Redevelopment Process of Elm Playlot in Richmond, California"


All of these events are free and open to the public except the Right-Wing Studies Conference; if you're a donor and want to attend that, just email Christine Trost


Thank you again!

Deborah, David, and Christine

GFP Coordinators


wow, what a launch! + mystery envelopes

April 03, 2019

Dear Graduate Fellows Program Supporters,


Thank you for making our launch wildly successful! In addition to those on our donor wall, we also want to thank our alums who gave in March: José Arias, Francisco Dónez, Nadine Gartrell, and Ellen Moore.


We're raised $2,025 so far! We would like to get to $2,500 by Sunday. Can you help us spread the word on social media? There are links directly from the campaign site, or just share the campaign link.


The current first year Fellows who will directly benefit from your generosity next year are so appreciative! Coincidentally, our campaign launched on April 1, the same day the apps were due for next year's GFP cohort, who will also benefit. Here's a photo of the stack of applications. 


It's always an exciting time, reading through the applications from so many promising students, and a stressful time, trying to make the tough decisions of who will get into the program. This year, we have the added uncertainty of not knowing how much we are going to be able to offer as a stipend. We told the applicants that when we issue the acceptances on June 1, we will announce the stipend amount. While we are hoping the Chancellor comes through to reinstate funding, we are committed to raise as much as we can in the meantime to offset the ridiculous cost of living in the Bay Area.


Thank you again!

Deborah, David, and Christine




Our way
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Shout-out on social media

We'll show you some love on the ISSI facebook and twitter accounts.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019


Thank you -- web and paper

We'll acknowledge you on the ISSI website and send you a hand-written thank you note (also includes social media shout-out)

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019


Event Acknowledgement

We''ll acknowledge you at one of the spring Graduate Fellows Program events (also includes all perks at lower levels).

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Estimated Delivery: June 2019


Hand-painted thank you card

We'll mail you a hand-written thank you on a card painted by one of our Graduate Fellows (Louise Ly). (Also includes all perks at lower levels).

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Estimated Delivery: June 2019


Video Chat with Grad Fellow

Video chat with one current first year Graduate Fellow (bios here: + all perks at lower levels.

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Estimated Delivery: June 2019


Shout-out at Kulcha Latino

Shout-out at the annual Kulcha Latino anniversary concert in the East Bay (sometime in July) -- by resident DJ ILL Equipt aka former Grad Fellow José Arias (includes all perks at $100 level and below)

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Estimated Delivery: July 2019


Video chat with Director

Video chat with ISSI Director Martín Sánchez-Jankowski + all perks at $100 level and below.

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Estimated Delivery: June 2019


Duster Room Plaque Listing

Listing on plaque in Duster Room at ISSI + all perks at $100 level and below

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Cooking with Minkus

Cooking class with David Minkus in Berkeley (date and time TBD) + listing on plaque in Duster Room and all perks at $100 level and below

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Estimated Delivery: August 2019


Mushroom Foraging with Minkus

Mushroom foraging walk with David Minkus in Elk, CA (near Mendocino; date and time TBD -- mushroom season is October through March) + listing on plaque in Duster Room and all perks at $100 level and below.

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Estimated Delivery: March 2020


Duster Room Chair Dedication

Your name on one of the chairs in Duster Room (can also be in memory of or in honor of someone) + listing on plaque in Duster Room and all perks at $100 level and below

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Estimated Delivery: June 2019
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