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Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

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Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers at Berkeley aims to advance declared and prospective industrial engineering and operations research majors in professional, academic, and social development.

Our goal is to raise $5000 so we can provide more professional and academic resources for students and build a larger community within the major.  By supporting IISE, you are helping connect students with social, academic, and professional development opportunities in their field.


What is IISE?

IISE is the world's largest professional society dedicated soley to the support of industrial engineering  and individuals involved with improving quality and productivity.  Founded in 1948, IISE is an international, nonprofit association that provides leadership for the application, education, training, research, and development of industrial engineering.  The UC Berkeley chapter was founded in 2007.  We aim to provide knowledge, training, networking opportunities and recognition to enhance the skills and effectiveness of the IEOR profession. Our chapter serves the UC Berkeley community of IEOR and ORMS and any student who is interested in pursuing either of these majors. We want to give each student the skills and experience to achieve their career aspirations, make meaningful social connections, and thrive academically.  Our goal is to advance, promote, and unite UC Berkeley students interested in improving quality and productivity!

What is our goal?

As students at such a large public university, we know it can be difficult for students to find their community and ask for help.  Throughout the semester, we hold events in three main categories: professional development, academics, and community building/outreach.


What do we do?

Professionally, we work with students who come to each of our events (usually 30-40 students) to help them develop better resumes/cover letters and give them advice on how to navigate the recruitment process for IEOR roles, such as business operations or supply chain.  We also help host an array of company info-sessions and recruitment opportunities. In our annual "What is IEOR?" event, we guide students through successfully navigating the major at Berkeley, and dive into specific jobs such as logistics/supply chain, manufacturing, or financial engineering, informing them about past paths alumni have taken and their potential futures in the major.  



We help ground IEOR students professionally by preparing them for securing an internship, informing them of the major and their potential jobs, and networking them through info-sessions, industry tours/field trips, alumni speakers, and graduate student panels. One of our goals for the coming year is to host an industrial engineering specific career fair to provide the most opportunities for anyone interested in supply chain/IEOR related jobs.



Academically, we organize monthly student-faculty lunches to bring the students and staff of the IEOR department closer together.  Every month, we pay for the lunches of small groups of 4-5 students and an IEOR professor. The goal of these lunches is for both parties to learn more about what’s working in class, what research the professor is doing, and career/academic advice in a more casual, open setting.



 At the end of every semester we also host a banquet to bring together all the students, staff, and faculty of the IEOR department together one last time.



Going forward we plan to implement IEOR study breaks and a textbook exchange. With these programs we will be able coordinate study time while providing snacks and a space for students to collaborate and learn from each other.  We also need funds to start a textbook exchange for IEOR class requirements and lower division classes so that students can communally borrow the books or pdfs they need for class.



Socially, we aim to build connections and community for IEOR majors.  We aim to host at least one social every month, ranging from movie nights, ice cream on the glade, to game night.  In the beginning of the year, we launch a mentor mentee program to connect lowerclassmen with experienced upperclassmen who can provide guidance, advice, and help in school, recruiting, and general life.



We foster these relationships throughout the semester with mentor/mentee socials and general socials. We try to subsidize these events or provide free food so that any student can attend. In order to give back the community, we also inform younger students from middle to high school about our major through volunteering in events such as Engineering for Kids day.  As our community grows, we hope to expand our reach by hosting more events to connect with and inform younger students about our major.


Through every event we host, we hope to help students grow professionally, academically, and socially.   In just one semester, one can craft a stellar resume, delve into what IEOR really is, talk to professors in the department about their research, attend a trek tour at Tesla, teach elementary school students what IEOR is, and attend the end of semester fall banquet with other students and faculty in the IEOR department.

To continue host these events and add more, we need support so that we can afford to book rooms, provide dinner/refreshments, and be able to travel.  We would like to raise funds so we can provide food at our events, continue to subsidize costs for socials, create IEOR merchandise for alumni and students, manage our growing community, and provide more resources for students.


Help support industrial engineering/operations research students by making a gift today!


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