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Clean Hands Project - Update on our efforts

July 06, 2020

Clean Hands Project, a volunteer-run initiative of the Coates Lab in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, is working diligently to produce and supply sanitizer products to vulnerable communities across the Bay Area. The high demand for sanitizer products during the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in shortages of supplies, heavily impacting and endangering the health and hygiene of vulnerable populations. The Project coordinates with a volunteer group in the Molecular Cellular Biology Department, the Common Humanity Collective.


To date, the volunteer students, staff, and faculty of the Clean Hands Project have produced about 210,600 wipes, which have been distributed to over 50 shelters. On average, the group produces 600 - 700 packages of sanitizer wipes per week, but the demand for these products has now increased to over 1,200 per week.


Financial contributions and other forms of support have never been more vital to the project than now. Thank you for your support.


The Clean Hands Project is also recruiting for volunteers. To learn more or volunteer, visit We are still accepting donations if you haven't contributed yet. Thank you for your generous support!



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