Help Provide PPE to MSW Students

Help Provide PPE to MSW Students

The School of Social Welfare is looking to raise approximately $250,000 to cover the cost of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other pandemic-related expenses for our nearly 200 students participating in required field education.

Social workers are first responders and are part of the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. As our students train to become essential workers and serve those most vulnerable in our society, they are placed in schools, health care settings, mental health agencies, jails and residential programs, county protective services, and a wide array of social service and community based organizations as they work towards completing their degrees. Offering protection from COVID-19 is of paramount importance, and we need your help to obtain this critical equipment to keep our students safe. Will you make a gift today?  

This year, approximately 75% of our MSW students will complete their internships in a hybrid or in-person setting, and they will need high quality personal protective equipment. For the 25% of students in remote internships, many will need devices to protect private health information and expanded data plans to support their access.

Thanks to our community’s generosity, this Fall we were able to offer a $150 grant to all MSW students to support pandemic-related costs associated with pursuing field education. But with COVID cases at record levels, students continue to need PPE. We can’t stop now.

This pandemic has brought about unprecedented needs and we ask that you please consider helping us protect our students. 

Please note that all gifts through this campaign will go to the Master of Social Welfare Program Support Fund and will be used towards this important initiative. If we raise more money than is required for this project, additional donations will be used at the School of Social Welfare's discretion.



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