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STAR: New Generation Berkeley Rocket Technologies

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New Semester, New Technologies

STAR is pushing its tech edges to a new level with Mach-2 Solid Motor, Liquid Engine, and integrated flight computer system! 

During the summer of 2021, we launched our most recent rocket--Bear Force One--over 10,000 ft above the Mojave Desert for the Intercollegiate Rocketry and Engineering Competition. 

The launch’s success has proven our ability and boosted the team’s confidence, which enables us to research for more cutting-edge technologies and take on more ambitious projects. We are planning to crowdfund for three of them. 

Mach 2 Solid Motor

During this academic year, STAR's solids team plans on launching a rocket powered by an experimental solid motor that will exceed 20,000 feet and Mach-2 (two times the speed of sound in air, which is more than 5 times the speed of a Formula-1 Car). We will start with making our own motor designs using commercial parts and transition to making greater portions of the motor and rocket ourselves as we gain experience. This project emphasizes in-house designing and manufacturing.


Research and development of our new motor design have begun. We hope that we will have a workable motor prototype capable of achieving the goals previously mentioned by the beginning of the spring semester and flown by the end of the year. From here, we will move towards new experimental motor designs for future competition rockets and other advanced projects.

Project Quick Peek

▲ Custom Solid Motor's Flame (Concept) 

Common Avionics Stack (Integrated Flight Computer)

The integrated flight computer will be a major breakthrough for us--rocket control will be much easier and efficient once this project is completed. Through creating CAS, our members will receive training on working with both hardware and software, which is very important in engineering. Currently, our crew from propulsion and avionics are working on testing the prototype. 


We have finished building the core components for the integrated flight computer system, but the testing has not started yet. However, as Berkeley is starting in-person instruction, the avionics and propulsion team plans to test the module.

Project Quick Peek

3D CAD Model of CAS▲ 

Liquid Engine Group

Liquid engine group is on its final stretch--they are planning on building for a full system hydro test at the beginning of October, with hot-fire around early January. If successful, we will be able to launch at a very high altitude, which is where liquid engines tend to perform better at, with ease and use engine throttling to control our rocket. This technology will greatly expand our potential research areas and prepare propulsion members for designing our first flyable liquid engine (the LE2 project)! 


Project Quick Peek 

Ellie Engine Solidwork Model▲ Designed Thrust Chamber


All of the projects above are challenging, but we are fully confident, and ready to turn our goals into reality!


We love the work we do at STAR, and are always happy to talk about it! To contact us, you can:




Finally, shoutout to the following teammates for helping set up the crowdfunding page:

 Ishan Dogra, Sharon Onofre-Lozano, Jeremy Huang, Andrew Wu, Tyler Adkison, Aled Cuda, Trevor Zinky

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This amount pays for a weekend trip to Richmond Field Station, our rocket manufacturing facility! You will receive a thank you letter from us, as well as one year of access to our monthly newsletter where we share our projects' progress and social lives!

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Estimated Delivery: November 2021


STAR Sticker

This amount pays for a 54mm rocket engine nozzle! You will receive everything from the previous tier, as well as a STAR sticker designed by our club members!

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Join Our General Meetings!

This amount pays for a 54mm rocket engine case! You will receive everything from the previous perks; in addition, you are more than welcome to come to our club-wide general meeting and see what we are doing in real-time!

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Estimated Delivery: September 2021


Special Meetings

This amount pays for one member's L1 certification process--we need that to fly high-power rockets! You are invited to our periodic meetings (monthly or bi-monthly), where we share cool rocketry stuff, general science knowledge, STAR's current progress, and even college life. You are also welcome to bring another person along--they could be a friend, your kid, or anyone you know that may be interested. Q&A is available after the presentation. All previous perks are offered here too.

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Estimated Delivery: November 2021


Rocket Model+Website Shoutout

This amount pays for one member's transport to our yearly competition (IREC) and accommodations at the competition! You will receive everything from the previous perks, along with a mini model, designed and 3D printed by STAR members. We will also display your name or your company's name on our website as one of our primary sponsors.

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Estimated Delivery: January 2022


Logo On Rocket

This amount pays for one of our launches. A logo of your choice (individual, company) will go on our latest competition rocket! All previous perks apply too.

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Estimated Delivery: June 2022


Resumé Book/Fly With Us

This amount can potentially start a new project at STAR! If you are an individual sponsor, we welcome you to come to all of our launches (including the competition) and see our work in person. If you are a corporation looking for talents, we would love to connect you with our team members and help with the recruitment process. All previous perks apply.

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