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Berkeley Student Farms

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About Berkeley Student Farms

Berkeley Student Farms (BSF) is a growing coalition of 8 student-led outdoor gardening and farming spaces. At Berkeley Student Farms (BSF), we engage in the co-enactment of community with four primary goals in mind. These goals exhibit the way in which our work is centered around histories and current realities of systemic oppression and marginalization.  

Our first goal is to support and uplift existing food sovereignty initiatives. As a student collective, we recognize the multi-generational decolonial efforts and mutual aid networks developed by indigenous and black communities long before the existence of Berkeley Student Farms. For our community, striving for food justice including being educated about the histories of oppression and colonization that have necessitated food justice and agricultural practices that are not only more ecologically sustainable, but intentionally designed to resist oppressive economic hierarchies and feed communities that are systematically excluded from the dominant food systems of industrial agriculture. Your donation would help keep our facilities thrive and be a place where all are welcome to learn and participate! 

Our second goal, land decolonization and empowerment of BIPOC leadership, is how BSF actualizes our commitment to supporting existing food sovereignty initiatives. Four of our eight garden/farm spaces, such as the Fannie Lou Hamer and the Multicultural Center Community Gardens, are directed by BIPOC student leadership. BSF hosts educational workshops to learn from BIPOC land stewards about indigenous ways of relating to land, and specific methods to decolonize our relationships with the land. BSF also works on the land in collaboration with other student groups like the Indigenous and Native Student coalition and students at the Black Resource Center. UC Berkeley does not currently employ a hands-on, experiential, land-based pedagogy; we respond by learning from one another. Your contributions can help make this all possible and connect more people to our farm! 

Our third community goal is to offer intercultural and place-based learning opportunities. Both our farming practices and the food we grow reflects the cultural diversity of our community, as BSF is one of the only sites on campus where students can have direct, hands-on access to a spectrum of agricultural and food traditions. These traditions and necessary agricultural experiences are greatly impacted by your generosity, allowing us the resources to connect our communities back to their food!

Finally, our fourth goal is a commitment to developing local and cross-campus partnerships. Twice a week, our food is taken to the BNC which receives over 1700 unique visitors. This partnership shows how BSF has become integrated within other university food justice initiatives; we as students are committed to feeding the entire school community especially students who are economically and housing insecure as well as the underpaid workers that make the existence of our educational institution possible. You can find the rest of our partnerships such as Cafe Ohlone, The Gill Tract Farm Coalition, and the Berkeley Food Institute, on our website. Your gifts are essential in making sure we can continue to produce food that supports our communities! 

Donate to Berkeley Student Farms and help fund garden operations within UC Berkeley’s largest student-run farming coalition dedicated to food justice and land sovereignty! 

In order to meet the needs of our growing coalition, we need support to provide each of our gardens and farms with the resources that they need so that BSF can continue to provide free and nutritious food, wellness programming, and educational workshops to the student body and Berkeley community. 

These resources include:

  • Greenhouses and storage sheds

  • Tools such as wheelbarrows, shovels, gloves, etc. 

  • Seeds and soil

  • Compost materials (thermometer, shredder)

  • Irrigation systems

  • CSA Boxes

  • Signage around the gardens

  • and more!

Although established recently (Summer 2020), BSF already supports over 200 volunteers in 8 different garden spaces. Your donation will put tools in the hands of student farmers and seeds into the ground, helping BSF strengthen its coalition across UC Berkeley’s campus and the East Bay. 

Join the farming revolution!


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