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Read With Me (Spring Foundation)

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Read With Me (Spring Foundation)


Read with Me is a 6-8 weeks program where one volunteer accompanies one underprivileged student in rural China to read a book. Through this program, we hope to broaden these students understanding of the world, develop a reading habit and spread our love. The Read with Me project belongs to Spring Foundation, a campus club dedicated to improve the living standard and education accessibilities of underprivileged children in rural China. We have always prided ourselves on the social changes we have been making and would like to invite you to be part of the change!

Summer Program

Before the pandemic, Spring Foundation has held seven terms of Summer Camp, which is the predecessor of the Read With Me program. The Summer Camp activities cover many remote schools in China including Yunnan, Sichuan, Hebei, Guangdong, etc. Our members designed and successfully taught multiple creative courses including Astronomy, Drama, Computer and Programming, Earth Stories, Creative Art, and Music workshops through the form of project-based study during those camps.    

COVID & the Online Form of Innovation

However, ever since the COVID period, offline teaching has been restricted in many places of China. In Fall 2021, we created RWM, a fully online program, to better adapt to the current situation and continue our work of eliminating the regional education difference and building connections between rural hope schools and the outside world. Pandemic brought difficulties but also opportunities.

People were more willing to read books since they spent more time staying at home. 

Therefore, we are determined to use books as a bridge that connects our volunteers and the rural community. The booklist was decided by both volunteers and school children and was updated every year.

We used online orientation and introduction letters as the start of RWM:

Online orientation 2021

During the first period of RWM, volunteers designed reading survey and guide manuals for children, shared and discussed weekly through Tencent Meetings and phone calls, and built personalized goals and games together to increase the attractiveness of reading.

Children playing games under our guidance

We designed awards for children with unique and outstanding performance:

We led children to make their bookmarks where they extracted their favorite sentences:

Our reading tutoring system is always updating based on regular assessments. Children and parents can fill out the feedback form to change the teaching method or the booklist so as to reach the best teaching result. Regular meetings with the school faculties and volunteers are held on a regular basis to summarize and modify the follow-up implementation plan. 

During the post period of the RWM program, children need to finish reading reports, gain critical thinking skills, and learn the correct way to extract and record good sentences.

Children sharing reports and giving presentations


Good Reputation & the Outlook

RWM and its former summer camp programs have kept making great impacts and have been widely praised by both the school authorities and program participants. RWM is more than a course, but more like a long term companion and a life guide and inspiration experience.

The thank-you notes from the children participated in RWM

This semester we picked a primary school in Chongqing China as our partner institution. Let’s make changes together!

Budget Breakdown

  • $1000: School faculty & tech improvement: multimedia update in target schools.
  • $1500: Teaching equipment: iPad or ebooks for students studying online.
  • $500: Media promotion: media exposure of target schools for social concern.
  • $200: Fund for bookmarks & awards: raw materials, delivering and distribution.
  • $800: Book & manual budget: paper book purchase and RWM teaching manual.

Support Us!

Read With Me is excited to bring our passion to improve the living standards and education accessibilities of underprivileged children in rural China. With your help, we as a community can work towards making a difference!

If you have any question, please reach out to or send us a message on our social media platform (WeChat Official Account)!

or visit our website !

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