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EUREKA-1: Berkeley's First Liquid-Powered Rocket

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SEB aims to be the break the collegiate altitude record for a liquid rocket.


Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB) is UC Berkeley’s Spaceshot Liquid Rocketry team, and our ambition of being the first collegiate team to send a liquid bipropellant rocket to space, Project Kármán, is only possible through the generous financial contributions of our community. 



Berkeley’s first liquid bi-propellant rocket, will soar to an apogee of 40,000ft this spring at a top speed of Mach 1.4, breaking through clouds and collegiate records. Its liquid oxygen and liquid propane powered engine, LIGHTBULB, will generate over 650lbs of force as it carries the rocket skyward. LIGHTBULB has been successfully fired 4 times, and the team is currently in the process of integrating it into a vertical airframe to fly as soon as April 2022. 


The testbed for EUREKA-1's recovery is being developed concurrently to E-1. LAD-5 will carry E-1's avionics and recovery systems, and will launch prior to E-1 this spring atop a commercial solid-motor to 10,000ft. This allows us to test these mission-critical systems before they are integrated onto E1, which will lead to E1's successful recovery. Though it won't break any Berkeley records for altitude or velocity (those belong to its older sibling, LAD-4), LAD-5 will be SEB's first rocket to use 3D printing as the foundation for its airframe (LAD-4 launch listed below).

40,000ft is EUREKA-1’s lofty goal, but space is further yet. The Karman line, the boundary at which the Earth’s atmosphere ends and space begins, sits at an altitude of 330,000ft, or 62 miles. EUREKA-1 is ultimately a testbed for our spaceshot rocket, EUREKA-3, which will soar past the Karman line and do what no collegiate team has yet accomplished: put a liquid-fueled rocket into space. 


Designing, building, and testing EUREKA-1 and other projects has collectively taken many thousands of hours. Our efforts take a team of over 30 passionate and dedicated students across all disciplines, without which our dreams of space would never be reached.

Our years of late nights at our workspace, Richmond Field Station (RFS), and many long drives to Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR), are not the only things that have led to our success. It is also the generosity of the community on which we fly.

It is for this reason that we ask that you consider donating to Space Enterprise at Berkeley. With your support, we will show the world that space is not an impenetrable barrier passed only by governments and corporations. We will prove that college students, and anyone else with the necessary passion and motivation, can reach out and touch the stars.

To blue skies and bright stars!


The structures portion will go towards the materials required to construct the rockets themselves, such as tanks, valves, actuators, nozzles, and the airframe.  For avionics, you donation will help cover the cost of electronic components needed for our flight computer, data acquisition boards (DAQs) and other miscellaneous electronics. A large part of our expenses is the cost of gas to transport us and our rockets to an amateur rocketry facility, named FAR, in the Mojave Desert. It is essential for us to make the journey since FAR has the proper infrastructure to test/launch vehicles safety and economically. Since we cannot test our system with Liquid Oxygen due to safety concerns at RFS, we cryo-test our vehicles use Liquid Nitrogen which allows us to characterize our system behavior at cryogenic temperatures.


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You made it to space! Join us in the bunkers at FAR to watch EUREKA-1 take to the skies.

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