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Promoting access & opportunities for Optometry & Vision Science

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Support underrepresented Optometry and Vision Science students!

Today, we invite you to support an important part of creating a more inclusive culture at Berkeley: recruitment and outreach efforts to attract the brightest students, including those who come from historically marginalized cultures and backgrounds.

You can be a part of these exciting changes taking place in our School by making a gift of any size to the Poston Fund, which provides specifically for these recruitment and outreach efforts.

Rigorously trained optometrists who understand a variety of cultures will be better able to provide excellent care to our increasingly diverse patient population. And with your help, we can ensure that outstanding students from all backgrounds and circumstances feel welcome and valued at Berkeley Optometry.

The Poston Fund was created by a generous gift from Dr. Michael Harris, and honors Dr. Marvin R. Poston, the first Black student to graduate from the School of Optometry. Please join us in honoring Dr. Poston’s legacy by making your gift today.

If you would like more information about our DEIBJ initiatives, please contact Dr. Ruth Shoge, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, or visit

Choose a giving level


Support DEIBJ books/films

Your $10 gift can help fund DEIBJ-related book or movie discussion groups among our Optometry and Vision Science communities.


Support diversity events

Your $25 gift can help us celebrate Heritage Months and events promoting diversity!


Offset application costs

Your $100 gift can help a first-generation/underrepresented applicant with their OptomCAS fee.


Expert speaker

Your $500 gift can help offset the costs for an expert speaker presenting to our students on a particular identity area (e.g. sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, etc.) as it relates to patient care, treatment, office staffing, etc.


Student Outreach

Your $1,000 gift can help our admissions team organize high school and college career fairs to reach underrepresented students

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