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Space Enterprise at Berkeley

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Space Enterprise at Berkeley


Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB) is UC Berkeley’s spaceship liquid rocketry team and our ambition of being the first collegiate team to send a liquid bipropellant rocket to space is only possible through the generous financial contributions of our community.  

Join us on our journey to reach space. 


Space Enterprise at Berkeley has had a profound impact on the lives of its members. SEB gives its members the opportunity to work on exciting, hands-on projects that go beyond what is learned in the classroom. These experiences give our members the skills required to get internships and full time jobs at some of the top aerospace companies such as SpaceX, NASA, and Boeing. Our in-depth and analytical approach to engineering has also allowed our members to go on and succeed in grad school at prestigious institutions like MIT, Columbia, and Stanford. Additionally, SEB has fostered a strong sense of community and provided an inclusive social environment for its members, no matter their background. The camaraderie and support of fellow rocket enthusiasts has helped members build lasting friendships and connections that extend beyond their time in the club. 

This community that we have built would not have been possible without our supporters. With your financial contribution, we will show the world that space is not an impenetrable barrier passed only by governments and corporations. We will prove that college students, and anyone else with the necessary passion and motivation, can reach out and touch the stars.



On December 3, 2022, Eureka-1 soared 11,024 feet over the Mojave desert. Towering 20 feet above the launch pad, E-1 was powered by our liquid oxygen and liquid propane engine, Lightbulb, which provided more than 600 pounds of thrust, propelling the rocket to over 700 miles per hour. Due to an error in apogee detection which led to faulty parachute deployment, the launch vehicle was lost as it hit the desert floor. 

Eureka-1 launch video:


Building off the success of E-1, Eureka-2 plans to surpass what our first liquid bipropellant rocket was able to accomplish. Besides developing a custom apogee detection system and rigorously evaluating recovery mechanics, our E-2 launch system will feature larger tanks to maximize apogee and will debut our E-Reg (electronic regulator) technology that allows us to dynamically control our engine's thrust by regulating tank pressures. Our team is the first group of college students to successfully develop this technology that allows us to throttle the engine.

E-Reg throttle video:


In parallel with E-2 development, the early developmental stages have begun for our next-gen spaceshot rocket – Eureka-3. This propulsion system aims to achieve over 3000 lbf of thrust to propel it beyond the Kármán line and become the first liquid bipropellant rocket to reach the edge of space. This rocket will show the world that space is not just within reach of the biggest governments, militaries, or wealthy corporations.


Propelled by solid rocket motors, our LAD and VLAD programs provide test platforms for technologies that will eventually be deployed on our more high powered launch vehicles. These systems demonstrate technologies such as our custom avionics, advanced manufacturing techniques, and recovery systems. In June of 2022, LAD-8 reached an apogee of 8,000 feet, setting the altitude record for a 3D printed rocket. Despite breaking that record, these vehicles are not necessarily intended to reach the heights of our Eureka program, as indicated by their names: Low Altitude Demonstrator and Very Low Altitude Demonstrator.



To hear more about what we do check out our website or send us an email!



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To blue skies and bright stars!

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