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The Fiat Lux Torch

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The Fiat Lux Torch

Have you heard about a new project the UC Rally Committee has undertaken, one that will continue to fuel Spirit on our campus, as well as ignite a new Tradition? The Fiat Lux Torch. 

Towering at 10 feet tall, propane-fueled, hand-designed especially for us by Sheet Metal Alchemist Inc., and in conjunction with our Cannoneers and Vice Chair of Rallies, this torch will redefine our annual Big Game Bonfire Rally.

In 1901, the Rally Committee (read more about the Rally Committee below!) was created and tasked with controlling the fire. 115 years later, we are still fulfilling this duty, and if there is one thing that we have learned over the course of this century, it is that Spirit is not set in stone and adapting to an ever-changing student body is necessary. So today, we have found an additional outlet for that fire - one that will add another element to our annual Big Game Bonfire Rally. 

The Fiat Lux Torch was first unveiled at the 119th Big Game Bonfire Rally this past November. In front of thousands of people, the flame was ignited and the Spirit of California burned throughout the Rally, giving light to the Axe chant, the speakers, the freshmen heaving pallets onto the dying flames - the Torch even lit the Bonfire itself.

In order to complete this project, we need your help. Our current fundraising goal is $13,000. These donations guarantee the future of the Fiat Lux Torch while also allowing for changes and alterations that will allow the Fiat Lux Torch to continue to adapt to changing times. The Fiat Lux Torch is not intended to remain stagnant, rather, it is intended to represent the students and the campus at any given time. In order to do that, it must be able to evolve - an evolution greatly aided by your contribution. Any amount is greatly appreciated. With your help, we can make history. Please make a gift today and help us spread the word!

Fiat Lux – let there be light. Each of the millions of Cal Bears who have passed through UC Berkeley have embodied this motto with passion and intelligence, perseverance and leadership. The Fiat Lux Torch will do more than burn before thousands chanting for the Axe for decades to come. Students and alumni alike will unite in witnessing the light come to life, just as our education and experience at UC Berkeley give us the tools to bring light to California and the world. With your help, we will continue to ignite this new tradition, and bring the next generation of Cal students a Big Game Bonfire Rally that is bigger and brighter than ever before. Make your gift today!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!


Additionally, the Daily Californian published an article regarding the Fiat Lux Torch which we have included here:


Learn more about the UC Rally Committee!

The University of California Rally Committee’s members are the official guardians of Cal Spirit and Traditions.  They serve as the ambassadors of the University, and as such, are students who loyally dedicate themselves to the furthering of the Spirit of California. The Committee has much to offer to its members. Whether you enjoy yelling your heart out for the Golden Bears, learning about the University’s fascinating history, or coordinating some of the largest and most successful events on campus, the Rally Committee enables you to preserve and promote the California Spirit. Members receive neither monetary reward nor academic credit for committee participation.  Instead, members receive the satisfaction of knowing they are a part of something great – something that makes a difference in the campus community and in other students’ lives.  The Rally Committee promotes and protects the spirit that sets the University of California Berkeley apart from any other school in the country. (Read more at

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