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Recreation & Wellbeing Adventures

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Recreation & Wellbeing Adventures

Adventures strives to turn once in a lifetime adventure opportunities into lifelong careers or passions for our students. We connect them to the places we visit in addition to welcoming and inclusive communities to share their experiences.

Recreation & Wellbeing Adventures offers diverse options of activities for the UC Berkeley students, faculty, staff, and community. We currently offer sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing classes and programs at the Berkeley Marina, indoor rock climbing at the Recreational Sports Facility, and team building and leadership programs at our ropes course in Strawberry Canyon. Almost all activities are offered at a low cost to students, and we even offer free equipment rentals for students. 

Events such as the BANFF film festival are creative ways that we share our love for the outdoors with the community, while supporting the students. Every dollar received from the film festival tickets and towards the Adventures Fund will support UC Berkeley students in the following ways:

  • Providing students with free events and equipment rentals at the Berkeley Marina and Climbing Wall.
  • Providing students with free and/or low-cost instructional classes for individuals wishing to grow their skill sets in sailing/kayaking/SUP/windsurfing/climbing.
  • Providing certifications and development opportunities for our student leaders to develop into industry professionals. 

Please consider donating to provide even more funding to go back to the UC Berkeley Students. 

Thank you, 

The Adventures Team 

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