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Support for students in Recovery & campus Harm Reduction

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About our program!

Recovery at Cal or UC Berkeley's Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is a program for students in recovery from substance use as well as those who are currently struggling with alcohol and drug use or other addictive behaviors. We're a community on campus dedicated to supporting students in their recovery efforts by providing resources for recovery, health & wellness, and academic success. With these efforts, we aim to create an inclusive environment and supportive community to help students thrive at Cal and beyond.

The collegiate recovery program at Cal is open to students in all stages of recovery and recognizes there are multiple pathways to recovery. We offer a community-based approach utilizing peer support services. We are a harm reductionist program. To learn more about collegiate recovery programs across the University of California system, see the UC CRP summary document which contains system wide standards, goals, and campus data.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote the personal, academic, and social success of students in or seeking recovery. In this pursuit, we aim to:

  • Foster an inclusive community for students struggling with alcohol and drug use, regardless of financial, cultural, or social barriers.
  • Hold a safe space where students can create community, foster solidarity, and combat stigma attached to recovery.
  • Empower and advocate for students in recovery as a marginalized population, as a university-recognized program.

What we offer

  • On-campus recovery meetings
  • Sober social events
  • Individual peer support
  • Recovery advocacy and service opportunities
  • Harm reduction resources and overdose prevention tools (see our Harm Reduction Expansion Project collaborative program with PartySafe at Cal UHS-Health Promotion and FentCheck)
  • Education & training
  • Modest stipends via our Recovery Scholar program

This year, with your donations, our goal is to:

1) Increase the reach of our Recovery Scholar program and offer more students funding. Students receive stipends via direct award upon completing program requirements which include attending recovery meetings, being of service to others, and attending sober socials.

2) Bring student staff and leadership to the UC System collegiate recovery working retreat at UC Santa Barbara in February 2024 over President's Day weekend! This retreat enabled our student founders to establish our program, and it is the first year we'll be able to hold this event since the pandemic. 

$1,000 will cover one student's travel, room and lodging, and food for the three-day event.

With your support, we'll break down financial barriers that may have once hindered academic dreams. Your donation will reignite our students' passion and drive to create a more inclusive community, combat stigma, and advocate for recovery. Join us in making a lasting impact and make a testament towards your commitment to students in recovery!

Our impact

2.2% of UC Berkeley undergraduate students self-identify as being in recovery from alcohol or drug use. In the 2022-2023 academic year, CRP held 93 total programs (recovery meetings, substance-free social programs):

  • 92% of surveyed participants reported CRP to be helpful or very helpful for their mental wellbeing
  • 7,700 fentanyl test strips were distributed through our Harm Reduction Expansion Project
  • 920 students participated in harm reduction, recovery and overdose prevention workshops
  • We learned of 2 successful overdose reversals from the Naloxone distributed by our program

Student testimonials 

"I no longer feel isolated and alone in my fight against addiction."

"I feel safe on campus because I know where to go and who to turn to when needed."

"I have received so much unconditional love in this space. It has been instrumental to my sobriety and academic success. So grateful for CRP.”

Visit our website. To get in touch email us at or contact Becca directly at

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