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Gold Summer

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Gold Summer

Gold Summer will be UC Berkeley's first ever festival thrown by the students featuring students. Support will help us develop our students into music industry professionals.

Total ~ $5575

Our last event, VOLTA, proved to be a huge success. Over 600 tickets were sold out to students. 7 student DJs were featured to a crowd of over 850 people. 12 members of the team gained valuable experience in marketing, promotion, networking, designing, event managing, and artist managing.

Electronic music is a genre of music that has won over our generation. According to the Huffington Post, electronic dance music, or EDM, has one of the largest followings on college campuses and one of the largest communities of music listeners. Thus, the presence of EDM cannot be ignored by any university which seeks to maintain or develop relevance to their student body.

Golden Records (GR) is a collective of DJ talents, managers, and other personnel related to the electronic music industry. Unlike other musical organizations, Golden Records not only builds up the individual skill-set of a performer, we also showcase the students' talents by hosting events simultaneously preparing them for professional gigs. This is a huge step for the student community, the school's fine arts programs, local small businesses, as well as the charitable organizations we work with. 

First, GR will be positively impacting students interested in the music industry. One of our goals is to set our aspiring DJs on a path to success. To do this, we have an operations, publications, design, and legal team working with our artists. The team will be composed of UCB students who are passionate about these fields in the music industry. These members will receive invaluable real-life experience as well as developing a resume of skills putting themselves in a position where they are far more prepared to further their aspirations in the music industry.

Also, the DJ community in our school will benefit greatly. The lineup, or the members performing at the concerts, is composed of only UCB students. A huge aspect of musical performance IS performance! By performing at concerts in a supportive environment of peers, our DJs will more effectively develop stage presence and crowd reading. Not only does GR give necessary experience, it also addresses the critically difficult issue of networking within the industry. We have members who have performed worldwide, those who have connections with major record labels and promoters, as well as those who have worked with iconic music figures such as Steve Aoki and Major Lazer. Our DJs will have a jumpstart with experience, a team focused on continuous improvement, and a well-established network.

The culmination of student photographers, designers, DJs, and artist managers who work to establish the branding of a Golden Records DJ.

GR also complements the UC Berkeley fine arts program. Our goals address fundamental needs that has not been currently met by previous courses or organizations even in other schools, allowing us to offer a valuable opportunity for aspiring performance artists unique to UCB. It can be seen as the musical equivalent of Brown's PLME program, which offers an expedited 8-year program for medical students while still giving them advanced competency by exposing students to real-life scenarios, having a specialized staff for members, and an expanded network of mentors. UCB's phenomenal orchestra is testament to the dominance of classical music during previous eras. The introduction of GR is the campus' embracement of modernized music.

Lastly, another one of GR's purposes is to continuously inspire and enable musical talent in our community. One way we do this is through charity work where we donate profits from concerts to local charities related to music. Thus, student fraternities, sororities, and organizations focused on service will also be given the opportunity to help us help others whether it is through the promotion of our events or helping as one of the members in the DJs team.

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"We Made It!" Shoutout

Receive a shoutout on our social media and let them know you made it happen! We appreciate even the smallest donations!

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Groupie Specials

Receive a large-sized limited poster signed for you personally by each performing DJ and an exclusive artist wristband! Previous perk included.

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Media Visionary

Be Golden Record's media curator and receive unreleased photos from the event, raw video footage/other media we have not published! All previous perks included.

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"Invite Only" Afterparty

Meet the DJs in-person, network with the team, and have a great time in the craziest afterparty!

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Bellagio Fountain Button

For $250,000 you can control the fountains of the Bellagio Luxury Resort, Vegas. For $75 our DJ will drop a song of your choosing and will give a personalized shoutout following approval to maximize the experience of the audience and you. 1x Front of the line pass

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Design Our Clothes!

Team up with our top Golden Records designers to create a unique piece of clothing that will be released exclusively in our stores and set the next fashion trend! No skill required! You will own the first edition prototype. 1x First of the line pass

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Publicize Your Business/Cause

Have your business or cause publicized to our audience on our event pages with a unique article about it, as well as our advertisements. We will also credit your business or cause in our videos and on social media posts.

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Jumpstart your App

If you are a social media startup, this is perfect for you. We will work with you to develop a personalized strategy to guarantee engagement on your new App.

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Featured Supporter

You or your business will be our featured supporter. We will release a personalized advertisement to our audience. You will be featured on our: Flyers, Videos, Social Media, Banners

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Hall of Fame

Have many photos of you and your friends taken by our professional photographers. Cameo in our official post-production videos. Be an honorary partner of Golden Records events. Have your name in the credits of all released videos. Design Our Clothes. Digital copy of all unreleased photos, raw video footages, etc. Signed event poster. 1x VIP pass to all future events. 3x Front of the line passes. 3x Afterparty Invitations. 3x Backstage passes.

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