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Fund the Future of Nuclear Security Policy!

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Fund the Future of Nuclear Security Policy!

Why Donate?

“North Korea: Kim Jong Un watches ‘H-Bomb’ loaded on new missile”

“Iran is Sticking to the Nuclear Deal, IAEA Says”

“Donald Trump: ‘All options are on the table’”

What do these headlines have in common? One, they’re all from the past couple of months. And, two, they all show just how important nuclear security policy is.

Members of the NPWG meet to discuss nuclear security policy and eat food.

While policy-makers continue to go back and forth making very little real progress, a fresh outlook can literally mean the difference between life and nuclear war. That’s why the work we’re doing at the Nuclear Policy Working Group (NPWG) is incredibly important. At the NPWG, we foster the next generation of policy-makers and invite students to research, discuss, and innovate. We bring in speakers to educate students, develop students’ research and presentation skills, and create real policy solutions that are then pitched to official agencies.

I joined the NPWG last year and have already gotten amazing professional opportunities that have opened doors to a career where I can actually make a difference in nuclear policy. Last year, I presented at a Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration conference and lead a research team of incredibly bright people from across all majors. Before joining the NPWG, I would never have been able to dream as big, because it’s difficult to succeed in a field where what’s most important is who-knows-who. But at the NPWG, it’s different – it’s about who-knows-what. If a student is willing to put in the time to learn and to work, there will always be an opportunity for them.

NPWG at a Department of Energy NNSA Conference in May 2017 (that's me!)

Because of my awesome experiences, I decided to run this crowdfunding campaign and I want other students to have the opportunities I’ve had through this incredibly supportive group. I’m hoping that with your funding, we will be able to support more students, bring in more speakers, and fund meeting costs. We’ll be able to continue our innovative research and have actual results that impact policy-making in the future.

By funding our group, you'll be:

     1. Sending students to conferences on nuclear security policy around the country

     2. Helping students explore learning opportunities related to our supported research project

     3. Allowing us to bring in speakers that can serve as life-long mentors and connections for our students

We’d appreciate any amount of donation, no matter how little or large. When a group of students get together to discuss ideas that shape the future of our world, the possibilities are endless. We hope to have your support.

Thank you!




Janani Mohan,

Assistant Deputy Director, NPWG

Who We Are

We’re a multidisciplinary research team of undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members. One of the best aspects of our group is that we allow everyone to take advantage of our research opportunities no matter how much or how little prior experience they have. We currently have a total of 17 members, but we’re hoping to grow our club with your support!

Budget and Timeline

Following the completion of the crowdfunding campaign, we’re planning on using your money in the following way. I can’t stress how important your funding is to our group.

Typically, we tend to rely on the generosity of people who donate their time to speaking to our members and running our meetings, but with your support, we can not only give back to them, but also bring in new speakers, members, and more researching capabilities than ever before.

We will implement our plan immediately after the crowdfunding campaign is over and we will finish implementing our plan by the end of the Spring semester at Cal.

Thank you very much for your time and support!

Publicity and Recommendations

We’ve been featured in the Daily Cal, scientific journals, and newspapers. Here are what some of our members have to say about us:

“Academic training doesn’t fully develop students to solve real-world problems. The NPWG enhances the traditional academic model through hands-on exploration of nuclear security policy challenges in an evolving threat landscape.” – Prof. Bethany Goldblum, Founder and Director of NPWG

“I think the Nuclear Policy Working Group is great, not only because it offers people from the policy and technical fields to engage in collaboration, but also because it really reminds us of the importance we all have to contributing to nuclear security!” – Anna Korbatov, Member

And here’s an article about us:


If you have any questions, please visit us at or email me at

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