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Student Musical Activities Improvements

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Student Musical Activities Improvements

Student Musical Activities (SMA) is a thriving center for extra-curricular music at UC Berkeley.  SMA is home to the University of California Marching Band, UC Choral Ensembles, and UC Jazz Ensembles.  Together these groups provide musical education, performance experience, and leadership and arts management opportunities to 600 students from every academic discipline.  All of the groups perform on and off campus for corporate and charity events, reunions and other alumni functions, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.

A piano is an integral piece to the success of each member organization.  For instrumentalists, it is used for tuning instruments.  For piano players and student composition projects, it is an essential  tool for their development.  Our pianos have grown old throughout the years of daily usage and we need to replace our only practice room grand piano so that students can continue to excel in their music.

We currently have an old dilapidated piano in one of our practice rooms that is not adequate for our students needing to practice.  It will not stay in tune, the hammers and action are shot, and replacement is decades overdue.  In order for students to get the most out of their practice time, and benefit from  the sound they make, we need a new grand piano, at a cost of $14,000.

We also need to replace our water fountain in the main lobby of our building.  The current water fountain is old, leaks, breaks down often,  and does not have a water bottle refilling station.  This means that students cannot properly refill their water bottles.  

With a new fountain, we can reduce waste and students can be better hydrated.  The water fountain is used by all SMA members and show patrons.  The refilling component will be especially important for the 250 member Cal Band before rehearsals and on game days.  We have received partial funding of $8,251 from the Tang Wellness Center.  We need your help to raise $6,000 in order to fully fund the project.

Please consider donating today.  With your help we can continue to excel in our performances!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Colin Loyd at!

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