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Resistance School @ Berkeley

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Resistance School @ Berkeley

Onward Together

Resistance School @ Berkeley empowers organizers and activists from underrepresented communities to better influence policies that impact them, by offering free online training videos and an online collaborative platform that enhance their social and political change work. Ultimately, through a stronger collective civic engagement, these connected communities will be able to exercise and sustain real democratic power to achieve a more equitable society.

We are a network of students and organizers, so we rely on donations in order to provide tools to those doing the hard work on the ground every day. Your support of us allows us to empower them.

In its pilot semester this past Fall, Resistance School @ Berkeley has seen much success: its four published training videos, led by UC Berkeley professors and professional practitioners around the theme of effective communication, have garnered over 90,000 views. Facebook posts have totaled 17,252 likes, and the website has had 7,782 visits from 3,668 unique users from 47 countries across six continents. Its resources have been featured in more than ten articles, including HuffPost, France’s Le Monde, the Daily Cal, and on the front page of UC Berkeley’s website. Organizers from as far away from Germany and Austria have reached out to say that the Resistance School @ Berkeley model and content is informing their own social change work. Team members have also initiated partnerships with Bay Area organizing groups, including Wall-of-Us and Debug Politics.

In Spring 2018, Resistance School @ Berkeley is working to produce three new training sessions and enhance its current digital viewing platform, with the goal of better supporting the work of organizers and activists.

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Session 2: Cross-Cutting Messaging in a Tough Political Environment with former U.S. Secretary of Labor and current UC Berkeley professor, Robert Reich.

Our fundraising goal

We need your help to produce high-quality content that will be useful and accessible to our audience. ALL $3,500 of the raised funds will go towards producing this second semester of training sessions and maintaining our digital presence.  With additional support, we can begin the next round of planning for sessions and expand the engagement platforms of Resistance School @ Berkeley to host a conference, create bonus content, expand our web presence, and more!


A bit more background

Recent events have made the work of long-time organizers and activists even more vital, and people who have never organized before suddenly feel a need to take action. In spring 2017, students at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government founded Resistance School to meet this growing demand for organizing training and skills. Over 10,000 people watched the first semester, and their efforts garnered national attention from places like the New York Times and CNN. In recognition of the continued need to empower progressive organizers, we founded Resistance School @ Berkeley, the first partner institution of Resistance School.

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As students at a leading public University, we believe that connecting the skills we’re learning with the people who are fighting to enact sustained social change is one of the most important applications of our education. Resistance School @ Berkeley seeks to empower people and organizations working to advance just and equitable policies in our country. Throughout the semester, we will be soliciting feedback from our stakeholders and audience members via surveys and interviews and will use digital metrics in planning efforts for future semesters. 

Pitching Resistance School @ Berkeley to other students: building the team!

Our location in the middle of the Bay Area’s vibrant organizing community and connection to the nationwide Resistance School network gives us a unique opportunity to bridge local, state, and national efforts, and to allow groups to fill gaps and connect with each other. Organizing is inherently a collaborative process, and we recognize that groups working tirelessly to support and defend their communities don't always have the time or space for this collaboration. In addition to providing online tools, Resistance School @ Berkeley also seeks to serve as a hub for action and messaging coordination.

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