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Man Made Wetland | Lake Temescal

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UC Berkeley Man Made Floating Wetland: Construction Begins!

July 03, 2018

*If you're reading this, you have either subscribed to the mailing list on our website or donated to our project through Berkeley Crowdfunding. Please read the update below on our website which also contains pictures at:


Hi everyone,


Thank you for your patience and continued support! It's been a busy school semester and summer for us Cal students, but construction for our floating wetland has finally begun!


Our team began construction this past weekend as materials began to arrive at the build site. The plan was to build a prototype mini wetland, a 3' x 4' triangle to test for buoyancy, strength, and durability.


Starting with the bamboo frame of the island, we initially built a triangle by using jute rope to tie individual poles together. Although this original design worked, we realized that a more cost effective alternative would be to weave the bamboo into an 8' x 8' square. This would allow us to avoid cutting the bamboo into smaller pieces, and prevent costly mistakes and wasted resources.


After weaving together the bamboo poles, we proceeded to tie each intersection with jute rope to strengthen the frame and prevent the poles from sliding. We placed the bottom frame over our jute netting and rolled a pad of coconut coir over the frame. The top frame was then placed over the coconut coir and tied to the bottom frame, sandwiching the coir between them. Finally, the netting was wrapped over the entire wetland and sewn together with jute rope.  


This entire construction (and reconstruction) process took about five hours of constant learning and patience. Although we came into the project with a clear plan in mind, actually being on the site and building the wetland brought a wealth of new ideas which seriously paid off. Our team was able to come out of this first success with a completed prototype that was strong, buoyant, and durable. In the next couple months, our team will be monitoring the wetland for structural integrity and buoyancy as it floats in an old swimming pool. This first success has us excited for the possibilities this project holds for Lake Temescal and other bodies of water suffering from algal blooms. Thank you for your support and GO BEARS!

Project Ended, Perks Soon to Come!

March 20, 2018

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who donated to our project! 


Our crowdfunding campaign has officially ended, and we received a total of $3,795.  

Your donation will go towards: - bamboo for the wetland frame  - aquatic plants to absorb the excess nutrients  - coir mats for the plants to grow on - various other natural materials that will be used to construct the wetland

Additionally, everyone who donated an amount that corresponds to a “perk” will receive it by the end of March.

Feel free to check our website and like our Facebook page for updates: Website: Facebook: Thank you and GO BEARS!!!

Sincerely, The ESW Man-Made Wetland Team

Goal Reached!

February 07, 2018

A huge THANK YOU to all of our donors for helping us reach our initial $3,300 goal in only 6 days! We are so grateful for your outpouring of support and generosity in donating to our project!


We have created a new stretch goal of $4,000, which will allow us to buy more plants for the wetland and keep up with unforeseen costs that may come up during construction. Please continue to show your support by sharing or donating today!


In other news, we are happy to share that we will continue working with the East Bay Regional Parks District to build the best wetland we can, and help the lake as much as possible! We will also continue to keep you (our donors) updated on where we are in building the wetland.

Our team has made a website so we can update and answer any questions you may have! The link:

We couldn’t do this without you! Thank you so much, again, for your continued support.

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