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The Emma Goldman Papers

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We did it!!!

April 30, 2018

Thanks to YOU, dear supporters, we SURPASSED our fundraising goal by 23% and successfully raised $6,795. Your contributions will be put to use immediately as we move forward on the completiion our last volume-- with the dignity of knowing that you care- and that preserving the written legacy of Emma Goldman and of those in her circle who asserted the rights of free expression, economic and social equity with the courage to stand up to injustice -- still matters. We hope to have the funds to streamline and reorganize the documents we've gleaned over the last 37 years (!) --as an amazing historical resource-- ready for the next generation to enjoy! 


We will be contacting you shortly to finalize information abput your perks.


Thank you again for your support.




This one-month university sponsored crowdfund campaign ends today. Tomorrow (May Day!) you can still requests some perks with your donation to support the Emma Goldman Papers as always. Just click----



Project Update # 3:

April 26, 2018

The countdown begins! In our final days of fundraising, we only have four more days to reach our goal! Thanks to your support, dear comrades, we have already raised 66% of our desired total of 5,500. The countdown begins! In our final days of fundraising, we only have four more days to reach our goal! Thanks to your support, dear comrades, we have already raised 66% of our desired total of 5,500. Help us round it out to 100%! 


We invite you to take a peak at one of the many treasures here at the EGP: a handwritten (love) letter sent in 1909 from  Emma Goldman  to her lover and roadmanager Ben Reitman, (on the stationery of her magazine, Mother Earth).

So too,  consider this both a project update and a (less complicated) love letter from us to you, dear supporters, with many thanks for your generosity and caring. 


Help us preserve these intimate documents in our collection --the many sides of Emma Goldman--her public strength and her inner torment.


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Update No. 2: Happy (Mother) Earth Day and Thank you!

April 20, 2018
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Project Update #1: Already at 39% Thanks to You!

April 10, 2018

Dear Backers, 


39%!of our goal has already been raised!


We’re off to a great start! Thank you so much for believing in us. We couldn’t have done this without you! 


This past week, we have been busy working on our newsletter, calculating cubic footage of our archival holdings and hosting visiting anarchist scholars. As we work towards completion of our last volume, we are proofreading, and revising where necessary, select biographical entries and gradually uploading the various key segments of the larger text for typesetting, Another typical week at the Papers!  


Here, as a perky gift to all-- see below for some humorous insights into the life of Emma Goldman.


This excerpt is from friend Margaret Anderson—just a sampling of one of the many stories in our holdings. Margaret (pictured here with Jane Heap, Little Review co-editor) was the avant-garde literary editor and publisher of The Little Review, which Emma once described as “a magazine to sound a note of rebellion in creative endeavour!":


"Although [Emma] gives the impression of being able to stand anything, there are any number of things she can’t stand. She can’t stand wearing a fur coat— the thought of the murdered animal would suffocate her. She can’t stand food that has been cooked by inexpert hands— she will go hungry rather than eat it. She can’t stand small handkerchiefs, certain colors, many perfumes, flowers in a room at night. She can’t stand reporters’ questions. She can’t stand references to money. I once addressed affectionately as our “angel” a man who helped to bring out a number of the L.R. [Little Review]. She was deeply shocked, found it vulgar. Of course the things she can stand needn’t be entered into here…I made a joke for her: If the woorld only knew what a prima donna Emma Goldman is! She laughed— but she couldn’t quite stand that either.” (Margaret Anderson, My Thirty Years’ War).


In the spirit of Emma, we will make no mention of angels, but do know how much we appreciate your support. 


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Our way
of Thanking You


Love and anarchy.

You get a steamy letter from Emma--with your choice of a heterosexual or sapphic (recipient) undertones.

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Estimated Delivery: March 2018


Holiday card or letter.

A choice of: one of our award-winning holiday cards with an inspired and hopeful message from Emma Goldman OR A copy of a letter from Emma Goldman written on the date of your choice.

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Estimated Delivery: March 2018


Letter from Emma.

A copy of a letter from Emma Goldman written on the date of your choice.

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Estimated Delivery: March 2018


Surveillance Letter.

A copy of a surveillance document on or near a date of your choice.

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Estimated Delivery: March 2018


Emma's Blintzes

A copy of Emma Goldman’s very own cheese blintz recipe from 1934! This delicious recipe was originally sent to Emma's closest companion and fellow anarchist, Alexander Berkman. ( a copy of the original letter from which the recipe was drawn will be included)

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Estimated Delivery: March 2018


Emmaphemera/ Emmarobelia!

A vintage Emma poster or photograph from the archive.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2018


Dispatches from the archive!

You will get an inside look --either on site or from afar- at the most unusual, exciting or inspiring items found in our archives.

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Estimated Delivery: March 2018


Shout outs and rememberances.

Your name will be featured in our acknowledgments in the final volume--with multiple opportunities to honor or add a remembrance of the person or group of your choice -- thus linking them to Emma Goldman for posterity!

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Estimated Delivery: May 2018


Meet the Team!

A private meet and greet with several members of the Emma Goldman Papers.

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Estimated Delivery: March 2018


Private Emma Reading

A night or afternoon of private readings of relevant (and funny!) passages taken from Emma Goldman’s talks and newspaper interviews.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2018


Sky's the limit!

You are invited to suggest your own idea, including a showing of letters tailored to the contributor’s special interests: for example-- topics relating to sexuality, birth control, prison, war , anarchism, as well as letters relating to EG’s global reach to Spain, Italy, England, France, China, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Scandinavia, Canada, Russia.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2018
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