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California Triathlon Club Fundraising

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California Triathlon Club Fundraising


    Cal Triathlon has raised over 150% of our goal! We couldn't have done this without our amazing donors and we are so grateful for the continuous support from the team, alumni, family, and friends. 

    Welcome to the Crowdfunding page of the California Triathlon Club! Thank you for taking the time to look at our project, and I hope you enjoy learning more about our team.

   Since 1989, Cal Tri has grown into one of the largest sports clubs at UC Berkeley, and the largest collegiate triathlon team in the nation. With a team of over 170 members, we bring together people from all athletic backgrounds, ranging from first-time swimmers, cyclists, and runners to elite athletes aspiring to be National Champions and Olympians. 


   Over the course of our club history, we have won seven national titles and this past year, we won the women’s national title for the second year in a row! Our success can be largely attributed to the commitment of our club and the support provided by a fantastic group of coaches, who volunteer much of their own time to help each team member excel in training while having fun through the sport.


   We are a student-run club that receives no financial support from the school, meaning all of our activities are funded by members’ dues and fundraising efforts. That’s why we need your help! Triathlon can be an expensive undertaking for any college student hoping to get involved, but we aim to continue our legacy of being a welcoming, no-cut, and inclusive team by supporting everyone regardless of their financial ability to participate. Therefore, donations help support our team and promote the multi-sport lifestyle by easing the financial burden of equipment and uniforms, funding scholarships for training camps, and subsidizing race travel costs. A more in-depth look at our budget breakdown can be found below!


    The money raised through Crowdfunding will help student athletes travel, compete, and train with the Cal Triathlon team. Our coach’s motto is "with consistent hard work over time success is achievable." This is the refrain our team uses when we train and race, and will be our motto for Crowdfunding as well. Will you consider making a gift?


    Cal Triathlon intends to continue to be at the forefront of the collegiate club sports scene and help take the sport of triathlon to new levels - but we need your help. Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports at every level and distance, all over the world. Collegiate triathlon has become a key point of entry for new triathletes, who then often remain involved in the sport for decades. If you are interested in helping us take triathlon to a higher level of athleticism and sportsmanship, while also promoting the health and fitness of UC Berkeley students, please consider donating or spreading our Crowdfunding project link in your networks!


   Your support of our student-run, student-funded team is crucial. Please consider donating! Thank you!


If you would like stay updated with our fundraising progress and training journey, follow our social media pages below!

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Social Media Shoutout

Cal Tri will give you a shout out on one of our many social media platforms.

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Video Livestream Thank You

Cal Tri will give you a shout out on Facebook or Instagram in the form of a livestream video thank you!

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Join us for a practice!

Come out to a practice and train with us! Meet the athletes who get to attend nationals because of YOUR help and support.

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Team Photo

We would love to send you a signed photo of our team!

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Handwritten Thank You Note

A thank you note from one of the athletes who you personally impacted with your donation!

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Trainer donated in your name!

We will purchase a trainer using your generous donation, necessary for athletes to get in key training, and adding more available spots to our very impacted trainer workouts!

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Invite to End-of-Year Banquet

Join us for a celebration of the end of our competitive season and meet our team! We would love to personally thank you for your donation.

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