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Centuries of Food Wisdom: From Mothers to Mothers

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Centuries of Food Wisdom: From Mothers to Mothers

Thank you for your support! Our crowdfund campaign has ended. However, if you'd like to continue supporting us, you can make an online gift here or purchase "From Mothers to Mothers" at Eastwind Books of Berkeley in stores or online here. We are beginning to work on phase 2 of our postpartum project. For questions or comments, please contact us at Visit us at


                     Support women’s health by sharing traditional Asian postpartum recipes                                                       passed down from generation to generations.



Giving birth is one of the most transformative experiences in a woman’s life. Her body goes through significant physical and emotional changes. In many Asian cultures, postpartum recipes are common to help rebalance a new mother’s health and to ensure sufficient lactation for her newborn. These centuries-old traditions have been kept alive through sharing recipes and cooking for one another from one generation to the next. However, as assimilation of Western culture grows and due to a lack of documentation, the significance in this information will soon be lost. There is now a renewed interest in its preservation.


Developed in 2014, students at UC Berkeley in the Asian Pacific Islander Health Research Group (AAPIHRG) started a "Postpartum Nutrition Folklore Project." We collected over 30 recipes and published them into a multilingual cookbook titled “From Mothers to Mothers.” The goal is to preserve and share this rich knowledge with our community, especially to new mothers. Our longer term goal is to encourage interest and research on a broader collection of recipes and ultimately, a scientific analysis of its nutritional value.


We are raising $3,000 to print and donate 200 books to local health clinics, cultural centers, and public libraries that serve under-resourced communities. Some examples are Oakland’s Asian Health Services, San Francisco’s Northeast Medical Services, and Oakland Asian Cultural Center. “From Mothers to Mothers” will also be available for sale at Eastwind Books of Berkeley. All proceeds and funds raised through this project will go 100% towards the printing of additional books for free distribution


Will you consider making a gift today and sharing this project with your friends and family? Gifts of any size make a big impact on women's health and the preservation of our community's wisdom. All donations are fully tax-deductible. We hope we can count on your support and participation, it is most sincerely appreciated. 


                          Thank you for your support!

“My most treasured dish is the quintessential Cantonese postpartum concoction of ginger, sweetened vinegar, pig trotters, and whole chicken eggs....In my own postpartum recovery, I took pleasure in every gulp, savoring the complexly rich flavors and the equally intense fragrance it produced. The concoction induced heat that radiated from my core and provided extraordinary warmth. It nourished not just the body but also the soul and senses.”

    - A passage from the book’s foreword by Professor Lok Siu, Ethnic Studies Department

Visit us at https://aapihrg.berkeley.edu Email us at 

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