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The Berkeley Science Review: Coming to a corner near you!

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The Berkeley Science Review: Coming to a corner near you!

We want to extend an enormous THANK YOU to all of our donors and supporters for helping us reach our $2500 goal!  The BSR team is blown away by the amount of support from everyone.  Because we reached our goal so quickly, we have created a new stretch goal of $3500 before the campaign ends on February 23rd.  The extra $1000 will cover about half of the cost of printing extra magazines for our next issue in Fall 2018.  Please continue to support science communication by sharing or donating today. Thank you!!



UC Berkeley has a reputation for producing cutting edge scientific research. But if you’re not up for scouring through various departmental websites and dense primary literature, it’s difficult to learn about the science being done here at Cal. Enter the Berkeley Science Review (BSR). We are a science magazine run by graduate students whose aim is to report the research being done at Berkeley in a way that’s readily accessible to the public by minimizing jargon and simplifying abstract ideas. In this way, we’ve published easy-to-read articles ranging a wide array of topics—from quantum physics to fly genetics to public health.  


We need your help to ensure that the BSR is able to reach the broadest audience possible–please make a gift today!




Behind the scenes, the BSR provides an invaluable experience to the writers, editors, and designers who work on the magazine—they gain experience in science communication skills, which are critical for building connections among scientists and the world at large. Our team of editors learn to keep a pulse on the latest findings in science. Our writers hone their craft as they pen exciting discoveries onto paper. Our designers’ creativity is challenged as they create a stunning magazine layout every issue. Our team’s efforts culminate into a professional quality magazine every semester. In fact, for our recent article, “BSR and beyond”, we tracked down BSR alumni and learned that they attribute much of their professional success to the skills they acquired during their time with the BSR.


Even though our goal is to communicate science with the public, our current distribution strategy only allows us to reach a small population—mostly current UC Berkeley affiliates in the sciences. In order to maximize the visibility of the BSR and increase our readership, we have a two part plan: 1) Increase the number of magazines printed each issue, and 2) expand our distribution area. We are asking for funds to print more magazines and purchase distribution boxes to be placed in key, high traffic areas throughout the Berkeley community. These funds will both help our staff receive exposure for their writing and designs, and help the greater Berkeley community connect with the fantastic science research taking place at UC Berkeley.




Please donate today–we are counting on your support! Thank you for your consideration, and we hope that you will share this page to help us spread the word.


Some of the Berkeley Science Review staff with one of our current on-campus distribution boxes outside of Stanley Hall


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